Applying for Covid-19 testing

Anyone with symptoms or who is suspicions of the disease may apply for testing by filling out an electronic test request form. Thank you for acting responsibly.


If you are coming to Slovakia and in the past 14 days before arrival in Slovakia you had visited a country that is not on the list of less risky countries, you must: (1) immediately self-isolate, (2) report your return to Slovakia to the Regional Public Health Authority and (3) get tested for Covid-19 five days after the arrival at the earliest.

 Please read the instructions below the keys carefully before requesting a test!

I am interested in COVID-19 test Data modification

Mandatory tests for Covid-19 disease, i.e. testing upon arrival from risky countries are free of charge.

A patient scheduled for testing via the electronic request form will be informed of the result over the phone or by a text message. No written/paper confirmations are issued.

Self-pay patients request private laboratories for Covid-19 test.


 Appointments for Covid-19 retesting must be arranged with the Regional Public Health Authority.

Mobile testing of immobile patients will be performed in patients’ homes. The testing may also be requested via the website below. Please, read more about the appointment options.

In case of suspicion of Covid-19 infection, klick on I am interested in testing  and complete the form.

Based on the information provided in the form, you will be scheduled for Covid-19 testing at a mobile test site. You will be advised of the place and time of testing by a text message sent to the cell phone number indicated in the electronic form, or you may by contacted by the staff of the Call Centre of the National Health Information Centre, to agree next steps with you.

You will get an appointment at a test site nearest to your whereabouts, i.e. to a location where you reside according to the information indicated in the form.

Prior to Covid-19 test (nose-and-throat swab) the following instructions must be followed:

    • Do not eat, use mouthwash, toothpaste or other disinfectants.
    • Do not smoke before the swab is taken.
    • Prior to the swab thoroughly blow your nose and clear your throat.

If you are thirsty, you are allowed to drink lukewarm clean water. Arrive for testing by car. Covid-19 testing and quarantine are mandatory for all passengers in the car.

If there is no test site set up in your neighbourhood and your health condition deteriorates, immediately contact your general practitioner by phone.

You may complete the form on behalf of an immediate family member (child, grandparent). The person completing the form is responsible for correctness of the data.

Should you have any queries regarding the electronic form/testing request, please, contact Call Centre: 02/ 32 35 30 30.